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Message from Jean-François Grosselin, SAB Group CEO


Following the fire of our plant of Timisoara, I am commited to informing you on a regular basis.
I especially wanted, before Christmas holidays, to give you an update on the current situation

First of all, in regards with all the efforts made to recover production in record time, I want to thank our employees who worked with determination to achieve this result.
In particular, our colleagues from Romania.
Also, thank you to :
- Our councils
- Our suppliers
- Our insurers
- Our confreres
Who will recognize themselves and support us throughout this recovering period.
And finally, thank you to customers for helping us in this difficult time.
We have made everything possible to maintain their trust in these hard times. May this collaboration be used for the development of our relationship in the future !
The bet to recover the deliveries without a production shutdown for the car manufacturers was very difficult, even impossible according to certain!
The Groupe SAB teams were able to meet and succeed this challenge
More precisely, the equivalent of production capacity present in Romania were put back to France in record time, less than 3 months.
We must now carry on with the industrialisation and optimisation of all of these transferred productions.
Thank you to all of our employees for their commitment and professionalism and also to their families who have suffered and accepted the constraints of this situation.
2018 will be a great year and we will make soon an announcement for 2 important information regarding the Groupe SAB.
I remain convinced that the Groupe SAB will come out of this event
Finally, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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